Rapper Will.i.am is set to launch his smartwatch this week, it's claimed.

The Telegraph has reported that Will.i.am is planning to go head-to-had with Apple on 15 October - the day before Apple has an event scheduled in Cupertino - by launching his wrist-worn smart product in San Francisco.

During a brief interview, Will.i.am recently admitted to Pocket-lint that Apple would still have the best "tethered watch" but that his would be the best "untethered watch". The watch is expected to feature Bluetooth capability and doesn't need to pair to a mobile phone in order to receive and make calls.

The watch might also run Android, because it is expected to have apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from the get-go as well as a music service powered by UK firm 7digital. Other features might include a curved screen. It'll also update software over the air.

Will.i.am and 7digital have supposedly worked with major record labels not only to deliver a compelling music service on the watch but also in an effort to treat each artist and music group equally, making the music service stand out compared to others that demand different rates from independent music producers and major labels. Will.i.am's watch will also boast the ability to store music.

Apart from being a rapper from the group The Black Eyed Peas, Will.i.am is also the director of creative innovation at Intel. He first demonstrated his smartwatch in April but more recently showed off the product on the last season of The Voice in the UK while serving as a panel judge.

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