(Pocket-lint) - If the thought of having to charge yet another gadget puts you off smartwatches, the No-Charge Smart Watch might be for you.

As the name suggests this watch won't require plugging in at all as the battery lasts an entire year, it's claimed.

The No-Charge Smart Watch uses one set of batteries, like a normal watch. These manage to power the watch as well as a Bluetooth connection to your iPhone or Android handset, and power its screen. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart and a low power display the device uses minimal power making the connection.

The watch will display caller ID when a call is coming in and uses icons to notify you to texts, emails or social media activity. The watch can also show you missed calls, calendar notifications and low phone battery power alerts.

Buttons on the watch side and bezel allow you to play and pause music as well as working as a shutter for controlling the camera on the phone.

The No-Charge Smart Watch features a brushed stainless-steel bezel, scratch-resistant glass and a rubber strap. It is available now for $180 which is about £112. Casio also offers smart features on its watches which connect via Bluetooth and don't require a charge, rather a battery change when depleted.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.