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(Pocket-lint) - Minecraft is playable on a smartwatch and here's proof.

Corbin Davenport sideloaded the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.9.5 APK of the Android version of the game onto his Samsung Gear Live watch running Android Wear OS 4.4W and it works without needing any further modification. The game itself scaled the graphical presentation itself to the 320 x 320 square Super AMOLED display.

Of course, the end result begs the question "why?", but it runs smoothly and as effectively as if it were on an Android phone or tablet. Except smaller. Much, much smaller.

To be honest, it's barely playable. Not because the processor is not capable enough - the Gear Live uses a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU after all - but because the on-screen buttons are so small it's hard to move about or access the many crafting or inventory functions necessary.

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Still, it's nice to see Davenport's video demonstration simply for a look at a possible future use for Android Wear smartwatches. Clearly, it is possible for games to work, but developers would have to implement design features that suit screens as small as 1.65-inches.

Indeed, some with Android Wear features, such as Flappy Bird clone Flopsy Droid, are starting to appear already.

Game & Watch anybody?

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Writing by Rik Henderson.