Pebble, the original smartwatch, has announced a range of new colours which are available now as Limited Edition devices.

The new Limited Edition Pebble smartwatches come in Fresh Green, Hot Pink and Fly Blue. The face colours and strap colours can vary as you're able to swap out the straps for unique colour combinations. These also come with new watch faces called Fresh, Hot and Fly as well as a new Weather face from The Weather Channel.

The Fresh, Hot, or Fly naming is clearly a result of the Pebble marketing campaign. It's clearly aimed at the younger generation who, perhaps, won't be able to afford a more premium smartwatch from the upcoming releases of Apple, Motorola and Samsung.

It's clear Pebble is going for the fun approach in the face of new, more feature heavy watches like Android Wear. Pebble has always been more about smart notifications that save you from taking your phone from your pocket. It's also been about low-power use so charging the battery isn't a regular issue. By playing to those strengths as a fun, handy device Pebble is remaining useful in the fast filling world of smartwatches – which is due to get highly premium soon as iWatch and the Moto 360 appear.

The Pebble Limited Edition smartwatches are available now for $150, which is about £88.

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