(Pocket-lint) - Cogito has announced two smartwatch line-ups that combine fun and fashionable looks with the accessibility of notifications from your Android or iOS smartphone.

Both the Cogito Classic and the Cogito Pop watches feature analogue faces. And while they are watches first and foremost, they also feature digital displays under the hands to alert users when they have received a call, text or social media message on their smartphone.

The Cogito Classic is the more expensive of the two designs and, when connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, shows you who is calling, how many messages or missed calls you have, what date and time your next calendar appointment is, as well as how much battery is left on your smartphone.

The Cogito Pop is more about delivering the essential notifications from your smartphone and will therefore only show you when you have a call, email or text, calendar notification or a message from a social media site like Facebook or Twitter via one of the four respective LED icons.

Receiving a call on the Cogito Pop is slightly different than on the Cogito Classic in that all four of the icons will flash and the watch will vibrate, but you won't see who is calling and you won't be able to answer or mute it like you can on the Classic.

There is a Connected Watch app to control which notifications you want to be made aware of on your watch and you can stop the icons flashing by pressing the respective button on the watch itself. The battery life of the watches are said to be over a year and their silicone build is water resistant up to 100m so there is no need to charge them. You can wear them in the shower.

The Cogtio Classic is available now for £129.99 in Black Oynx, Clockwork Orange, Deep Purple, Green Velvet, Silver Arrow and White Alpine.

The Cogito Pop will cost you £79.99 and it comes in Black Mamba, Black Panther, Blue Electric, grey Paloma, Raspberry Crush and White Crisp. Both can be bought from www.cogitowatch.com.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.