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(Pocket-lint) - Android Wear is expected to get a more detailed reveal at Google I/O from 25 June and to tease us a bit more Google has released a video.

The Android Wear video presented by Timothy Jordan, a developer advocate at Google, shows us more functions we can expect to arrive on the smartwatches running the OS.

The first interesting thing to note is that Google's goal is not to bring the Android experience to the watch directly but to simplify it so it's even better via the watch. That means a really simple homescreen that responds to voice and talks back.

Another area that's been detailed is Stacks. This is used to keep clutter to a minimum. So if you've just received 6 emails, for example, it will show the last one to come in on the top with a "+5" icon denoting more are below.

Pages is like Stacks but will give you more pages to read if you need them. So to use email again it might allow you to read through several pages of the email rather than simply notifying you of its appearance.

Reply has had it's own mention despite being pretty simple. Users will be able to reply to a message by simply saying reply and using their voice. A great idea but how many people will actually use voice in public isn't clear. We're still struggling to look normal doing it with our phone – this is going to make us look like Michael Knight. Better invest in a blow dryer and leather jacket then.

Expect to see more at Google I/O where the Moto 360, LG G Watch and Samsung watch all hopefully get revealed too.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 20 June 2014.