Pebble has updated the firmware of its smartwatches and the accompanying iOS version of its app.

The firmware 2.2 watch update may take a little while to get to your device, whether you have an original Pebble or a Pebble Steel, but you might find that you can see the new features already.

It is also advised that if your iPhone isn't set up to receive app updates automatically, you should seek out version 2.2 of the iOS build and download it as it also adds new functionality.

So what are the changes that have arrived with firmware 2.2 and the Pebble iOS app 2.2?

Pebble firmware 2.2

The launcher

You can now re-order the launcher menu with the apps you want nearer the top (or bottom). Holding down the select button will re-position them when on the launcher menu.

Volume controls

The Music app now has volume control. Again, hold select to bring up the volume controls.


As well as the volume controls, the Music app has been redesigned - including a new track progress bar.


The alarm will now vibrate for 10 minutes, rather than just one.

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iOS Pebble app 2.2

JavaScript apps

More JavaScript apps are now able to be downloaded from the Pebble appstore for iPhone owners.

Volume controls

Enables the new volume controls added to the Pebble Music app to work on iPhone.


iBeacon support has been added, giving the app the ability to know when the iPhone and Pebble smartwatch are in close proximity. It uses Bluetooth Low Energy and as GPS location is not recorded, there is little impact on the phone's battery life.

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Pebble has also recently made its Pebble Steel smartwatch available again. The original Pebble in black, grey, white, orange or red is available for $150 (£90) and the Pebble Steel in black or brushed stainless steel metal finishes is $249 (£148). An Android app is also available.