E Ink has demonstrated a full wraparound display that it claims could be used for larger smartwatches with a different design aesthetic to what is currently out there.

Seen by Engadget during the show in Taiwan, the display could look more like a bangle or wristband. E Ink told the site that, as the watch face itself would engulf much of the surface area, users could technically download their own custom designs. Other owners could share theirs too.

The watch could also display much more information from traditional E Ink using smartwatches, such as those from Pebble and Archos. The time, for example, could be coupled with data, such as your heart rate, text messages, emails, etc.

At present, the display on show at Computex is a prototype and no manufacturing partner has been announced or confirmed. A prototype watch using the display is thought to exist but has not made it outside of E Ink's headquarters for now.

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It had better get a wriggle on though as several analysts believe that when Apple enters the wearables market, possibly with the much-rumoured iWatch, consumer expectations might put black and white displays on the back burner.