Mere days after Google introduced Android Wear for wearables, read-it-later service Pocket has announced a prototype for the OS that lets you save links directly from your smartwatch.

"Up until now, smartwatches have focused solely on delivering short notifications. Yet what’s been missing is the ability to quickly act on that information by saving or sharing it," wrote Pocket on its blog. Android Wear changes this. Yes, it’s still designed for delivering quick snippets of information – things like Google Now notifications, tweets, news alerts, emails, and to-do lists. But it is also designed for glancing at important information and taking action".

In other words, according to Pocket, Android Wear is perfect for saving content to Pocket without ever having to touch your smartphone. Pocket has therefore opened an SDK for developers, which, if implemented into their apps, will let you save notifications on a watch. So, if you get an alert on Twitter, for instance, you could swipe and save it for reading later. Pocket said you wouldn't be able to view directly links on your watch, though. The Pocket for Android Wear prototype can only bookmarks articles and videos.

"Imagine your friend sends you an interesting article. Your Android Wear smartwatch gets an alert and you think, 'Hmm, I’d really love to read that on my commute later.' You swipe, and an action pops up to save to Pocket. In a single tap, the article immediately becomes accessible in your list for whenever you have the time to go back and read it," explained Pocket on its blog.

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Pocket for Android Wear is still an early prototype (likely because Android Wear is less than a week old and only a Developer Preview at the moment). Pocket subsequently warned that its prototype is a "work in progress," and it'll update things as the Developer Preview matures. Don't be too upset about the wait though, because the first Android Wear smartwatches won't even debut for another couple of months.

Pocket, originally called Read It Later, is an app available for iOS and Android, as well as multiple web browsers. It allows you to save an article or website for reading later. Specifically, the saved content is sent to your Pocket list and synced to all of your devices for offline reading. Pocket also cuts clutter and allows you to adjust text settings.