The makers of Pebble announced three new games for the smartwatch at the Games Developer Conference on Monday, as it hopes to make the gadget full of mini and casual games.

Most notably, Hatchi, a Tamagotchi-like game, has made its way to the Pebble. It's a retro-looking app that is sure to bring back memories if you played Tamagotchi back in the 1990s. Hatchi enables Pebble users to look after their pet to ensure they grow up to be healthy, happy "little Hatchi."

"Games are an emerging category for Pebble and we're really excited to see what great titles developers build for the Pebble platform," Myriam Joire, product evangelist at Pebble, said.

Mr. Runner and Icon Pop Quiz have also been made available on the platform. Mr. Runner is an endless running game with a classic black and white feel. Icon Popquiz names famous characters using visual hints presented through the smartwatch.

The three new games join a pretty solid list of games already found on the Pebble iOS and Android Appstores: Tiny Bird, MiniDungeon, Pebtris, Ledge Climber, Chess, Falldown, Orbtime, Pebloid, Blackjack, and Ask the Helix Fossil.