Garmin and Sony are set to announce a new app for the Sony SmartWatch 2 that will provide navigation directions for users on the go, Pocket-lint has learnt.

The new app, which we've not yet seen, is expected to be announced ahead of Mobile World Congress 2014, and will enable pedestrian navigation on the watch, saving users having to get their phone out of their pocket every two seconds as they walk down the street.

According to sources familiar with the matter, the new app will be available for the Sony SmartWatch 2 device when it launches. 

Pebble smartwatch users already have a similar feature when it comes to directions that means, when using Google Maps, written directions are sent to their wrist. However with the Pebble's lower-quality screen, they won't be able to get the same visual experience as Sony and Garmin could deliver.

A recent leak of the user interface for the Sony Sirius, expected to launch as the Xperia Z2, showed a Garmin Navigon app, which might be connected.

We will keep you posted.