(Pocket-lint) - Mighty Cast has just introduced a new wrist product called the Nex Band - and it's basically a modular bracelet with smart features.

Wearables like the Qualcomm Toq or even Google Glass aren't exactly, um, beautiful. Sure, they're flashy and high-tech and ideal for cyborgs and gadget geeks, but not everyone is so inclined to strap a chunk of metal or rubber to their body. That's why Mighty Cast has come up with a fashionable wearable, or at least it thinks it has. 

Adam Adelman, chief executive officer of Mighty Cast, described the Nex Band as a "connected pandora bracelet", because it is essentially a customisable smart device. It looks like any other wrist gadget but without a display. It features five indents, where you snap in these little pieces called mods. They're either useful or decorative. 

Four mods are in fact just for looks, while the last one has built-in sensors and multicolor LED lights. You can set this mod to do different things like display light notifications when you get a text on your phone. Mighty Cast said developers could create mobile games to interact with mods. Mighty Cast is even working on a Clash of Clans-like game, according to Adelman. 

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Each mod will cost $9.99, while the Nex Band costs $49.99. That price is expected to double when it hits retail shelves. You can pre-order Next Band now and expect it to launch by the third quarter of 2014. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.