CSR has unveiled its smart jewellery of the future that contains a tiny embedded Bluetooth chip. But even better than a bracelet or necklace that lights up when you get a text, the Bluetooth hardware is open source for anyone.

The jewellery we got a look at included a pendant with a multicolur LED which could be configured to work with your iOS device. So if your iPhone gets a text it can light up green, an email blue or call red. And it's all customisable. It even looks attractive.

Thanks to the CSR1012 PCB-based platform the chip can operate between 1.8V and 4.3V, allowing it to be powered by a compact lithium-polymer battery.

Using CSR's $99 development kit developers have the potential to modify the small Bluetooth module as they wish. If you want to connect it to an LED and small vibrating motor and put it in a metal clasp that matches your expensive watch, you can. It's exciting, as many people don't want to waste their expensive watch by switching to a smartwatch - this modification fixes that.

While this is very much in the early stages it will be interesting to see what developers do with the kit. And when it comes to jewllery this could be the start of a new wearable tech fashion future.