Archos has just published a range of Bluetooth LE-enabled devices and supporting Android and iOS apps that will debut at the CES 2014 tradeshow in Las Vegas.

The most interesting bit from Archos concerned a "selection of smartwatches". They will cost less than £50, feature a "pebble-like design", and work with Android and iOS devices, according to Archos.

And that's about all we know. Expect to hear more information about these mysterious wearables next week, when the company plans to show them off alongside a home tablet, scale, weather system, activity monitor, blood pressure monitor and more.

As for the upcoming 7-inch Archos Smart Home Android tablet, it'll have a complimentary Smart Home app. Both will serve as a way for people to manage "connected homes" (i.e., as turning on the light and recording video as soon as a motion sensor is awakened).

The Archos Weather Station will have its own dedicated app as well, serving up data like CO2 levels, humidity, temperatures, national and local weather reports and historical comparison
Other upcoming devices, collectively referred to as "connected objects", include an Activity Tracker, which will track daily footsteps add calories burned, and a Blood Pressure Monitor with memory for more than 40 measurements.

Lastly, Archos's connected Scale will recognise up to four users and measure body shape, body fat and mass, among other thing. These connected health objects will work with a Archos Connected Self app, which provides related, visual graphs and assessments.

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Archos will show off its entire selection of connected objects and supporting apps during CES 2014, starting 7 January. There's no word yet on pricing or availability.