Pebble has released a firmware patch for its E Ink smartwatch that adds several new features and fixes some bugs.

New features include a do not disturb setting that will block notifications for a period of time, an update to the alarms functionality - allowing you to create multiple alarms, toggle them on or off and edit existing alarms - and a new snooze alarm is also now available through the alarms app.

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You also get improved notification control, giving you the option to specify which notifications are displayed and iOS performance has been enhanced. Notifications are now sent more quickly from an iOS device to the Pebble watch. It will also search for iOS devices immediately after exiting Airplane mode instead of waiting a minute.

Several issues have been fixed with this update, including the dropped Bluetooth connections on iOS that some have reported.

To update your Pebble, just open the app on iOS or Android and follow the instructions.