Programmer Rick Ucker created an app for the Pebble, a smartwatch that started on Kickstarter, in hopes of kickstarting his marriage.

Ucker programmed the "Chrono" app to have a creative, "a little geeky", and not too romantic way to propose to his girlfriend.

It's a standalone app, as opposed to a watch face, that he presented to his significant other to pop the question. He released the app to GitHub for others to use, with one catch.

"Most of the original proposal text has been removed from the source code because hey, some things have to remain private," Ucker said.

programmer uses pebble smartwatch app to propose to his girlfriend image 2

If the name "Chrono" sounds familiar, it's because the app is based on Chrono Tiger, a class SNES RPG.

"First, she and I grew up playing a lot of video games and Chrono Trigger was always a favourite of ours," the lovestruck Ucker wrote. "We discovered this fact the night we met, much to our mutual delight. Second, the Chrono (time) theme was appropriate considering the fact that the app was to run on a watch."

She said yes.