You may remember the Qualcomm Toq was shown off a few months back with its innovative low-powered Mirasol display. Then we heard nothing. Now the display, featured on the Appscomm Fashioncomm A1, has gone up for pre-order in China.

What makes this smartwatch special, other than it being one of the few smartwatches to actually be on sale, is that screen. This display tech was developed by Qualcomm as an E Ink competitor. In this case it means a clear screen, even in daylight, that never needs to be turned off, so no need for buttons anywhere. It comes in the form of a 1.55-inch MEMS panel.

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With a SIM-friendly chip you’ll be able to make a receive calls directly from the watch. It also comes with a camera for quick photos which has proved a hit on the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

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The A1 also feature Bluetooth connectivity and a 450mAh battery for a respectable 190-hour standby time.

The Appscomm Fashioncomm A1 is available for pre-order in China for 1,299yuan  (£132).