Outdoor GPS specialist Magellan has created a smart sports watch called Echo which is now on sale.

The Echo is designed for runners and intelligently works with your smartphone via Bluetooth. It's friendly with over 100 fitness applications, including RunKeeper, Runtastic, Strava and MapMyRun.

The Echo can be used as a general wristwatch, with a read-out displaying time, day and date, but any fitness data from the compatible apps can also be shown on screen. Running stats, including elapsed time, distance and other fitness metrics, can be accessed through the watch in real time, and it can also display notifications and achievements.

Some smartphone functions can also be controlled via the watch, including lap starting and stopping on a fitness application, and next song, play and pause for music playback.

It has a removable battery so on the positive side doesn't need recharging. But it will need to be replaced when it runs out somewhere down the line. The design is ruggedised and the watch is waterproof to withstand adverse conditions.

The Magellan Echo is out now in black, blue or orange and will cost £130, or £170 with the Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Monitor.