Pebble has enhanced support for iPhone users on iOS 7, with full Notification Center integration thanks to the latest iOS app and Pebble watch update.

The new development means that you'll be able to have seamless integration with your notifications, so anything that you've enabled in Notifications Center will appear on your watch.

There's one small catch and that's that you'll have to use the banner style of notification, but if your watch is giving you those alerts, you'll be able to leave your device in your pocket, so that may not worry you.

Aside from bringing extra support to iOS 7, Pebble has also released SDK 2.0 with four new APIs. These APIs are for Javascript, accelerometer, data logging and persistent storage, according to Pebble.

This will put more tools in the hands of Pebble developers and should lead to apps that can access online services directly (like weather), use motion for things like gesture control and sports apps, and store data for things like games.

We reviewed Pebble and found it to be a great companion for Android adding some convenient features without being too overbearing. Pebble is an exciting platform for development and we can't wait to see what the new SDK brings.

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