(Pocket-lint) - Smart watch-maker Pebble announced that all of its black versions ordered by Kickstarter backers have now left the factory, after months of manufacturing delays. The company has shipped 55,000 black Pebbles to date, but as for the coloured versions, things aren't looking too hot. 

In a post on its Kickstarter page, Pebble detailed that it's having trouble manufacturing the coloured versions in large quantities. The red and orange versions have been perfected, but the grey and white are proving to be more problematic and are being worked on now. 

For users who ordered the first red Pebbles, they will be shipping in two to three weeks, the company said. As for the other colors, Pebble still hasn't provided details. "We’ve been tuning and tweaking the plastic injection parameters for each colour to achieve a close fit between the lens and bottom housing, and to eliminate flow marks," wrote Pebble.

Now that Pebble has more of the black version in stock, you can switch your Pebble from coloured to black to receive it within two weeks. "If you’re a colour Pebble backer and would like to switch some or all of your colour Pebbles to black, simply log into your account at account.getpebble.com," wrote Pebble. "We will issue a small refund for fees you may have paid to opt for colour in the first place."

In our hands-on time with the Pebble, we found it to be feature packed and a very cool, customisable wrist accessory. The Pebble allows for users to not only see the time, but also to get notifications on text messages, emails, calls and more.

Writing by Jake Smith.