Runkeeper has teamed up with overnight Kickstarter success stars Pebble, to offer a Runkeeper app for the watch when it comes out.

In a move that will see it go head to head with the Nike+ GPS Sports Watch, users of the Runkeeper service that get the Pebble watch will be able to sync the watch with the Runkeeper app running on their phone in their pocket.

"Well, when Pebble approached us about integrating with RunKeeper, we loved the idea.  We know that many of you are always looking for ways to make your fitness tracking easier, and with Pebble integration, you won’t ever have to pull the phone out of your pocket or armband," says Runkeeper on the company's blog.

"You can just see and do everything you need right from your watch (which connects with the phone via Bluetooth)," 

RunKeeper will be the first third-party app for the device, and is likely to give the project an even bigger boost when it comes out.

"It will likely be a few months until the watches are ready, but when they are, you will be able to see your in-activity fitness data, start/stop RunKeeper, etc. right from your wrist," says Runkeeper.

The Pebble watch has so far raised over $8m and works with iPhone and Android smartphones. It currently doesn't work with BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, or Palm smartphones.