(Pocket-lint) - Uncovering the best smartwatch for Android users is easier said than done, with increasingly strong offerings available from the likes of Samsung, Huawei, Garmin and Fitbit. 

In our view, the top pick for those with an Android phone is currently the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, though there are plenty of alternatives to consider if your needs are slightly different from the average user. Since Android users still aren't able to pair with the Apple Watch, too, you'll have to look a bit further afield and cross that one from your list.

To really help you narrow things down, we've tested and compiled a list of all the smartwatches worth knowing about if you have an Android handset. Read on to find the perfect match for your wrist and your phone. 

Best smartwatches for Android users


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


Samsung's latest flagship smartwatch also happens to be its greatest yet, comfortably edging the competition as the best all-rounder for Android users.

The design - highlighted by that rotating bezel - is intuitive, clean and traditional, while also coming in smaller and lighter than the original model.

It's still true that Samsung's Tizen OS still isn't quite as developed as Apple's watchOS, and perhaps even Google's Wear OS, but there's more than enough to enjoy here.


Garmin Venu


Garmin's name may be synonymous with outdoor watches, but the Venu is the company's first proper stab at the smartwatch. 

The design is clean, the display is vibrant and it has a battery life that can easily outlast the likes of the Apple Watch. And, handily, it features many of the same tracking metrics as you'll find on other Garmin devices.

It's the ideal choice for Garmin fans who want to veer more towards a sporty smartwatch than an outdoor tracking beast.


Huawei Watch GT 2e


For those looking for a sporty Android-compatible watch on a bit of a budget, Huawei's Watch GT 2e is a great pick to consider. 

It really acts as more of a fitness tracking powerhouse in a smartwatch's body, with its top features being the two-week battery life and the ridiculous amount of tracking modes.

This fitness-first experience is all backed up by the easy-to-understand data breakdowns in Huawei Health, too. So, as long as you can get along with the design - which, for our money, is very crisp - it's one of the very best you can place on your wrist. 


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2


With an intuitive touch bezel, sporty frame and a raft of health, fitness and smartwatch features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is an excellent alternative to the company's more formal Galaxy Watch 3.

It's also continuing to improve over time - features like fall detection and ECG readings that weren't available at launch have now been added.

If it also gets a couple of battery efficiency updates in the near future, as its predecessors did, this will remain a top watch for Android for some time to come. 


Fitbit Sense


Fitbit has a whole host of smartwatches under its belt nowadays, but its flagship Sense offers something a little different to Android users looking for a wristy counterpart.

It takes the basic and effective smartwatch experience provided on the Versa lines and boosts it with some excellent health features, such as ECG heart rhythm readings and electrodermal stress scores.

If you're also happy to pay for the insights available through the excellent Fitbit Premium, this is easily the top health watch you can pick up.


Amazfit GTS 2


Similar to the Huawei Watch GT 2e, the Amazfit GTS 2 is a great pick for those who want to restrict their outlay a little. 

However, where Huawei is very focused on fitness tracking, Huami's Amazfit is much more focused on a balanced smartwatch experience. It's easy to use, the design is familiar and you even get neat features like the ability to access a voice assistant when offline.

The value for money isn't quite as good as its predecessor, but it's still a very good mid-level watch for those with an Android phone. 


Tag Heuer Connected 2020


Wear OS might not boast the same fitness tracking features as other platforms, but it does provide a very balanced experience for Tag Heuer's Connected smartwatch.

Apps, basic tracking and custom watch faces are all present here thanks to the power of Google's smartwatch platform, but this is still a watch that lives and dies by its build quality and exceptional style.

So, while it can't claim to be the most functional device for Android users, it is quite clearly the most luxurious - and the price tag backs that up.


TicWatch Pro 3


Not many perusing the world of smartwatches will know too much about TicWatch Pro 3, but it's quietly one of the top Wear OS watches around.

With a refreshed design and significant performance boosts over predecessors, highlighted by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor, it's easier to wear all day - whether exercising or sedentary - and lasts longer, too. 

We wouldn't necessarily recommend it for those who want a fitness-first smartwatch, but it is a healthy Wear OS alternative to something like the Galaxy Watch 3.

Writing by Conor Allison.