Android Wear 2.0 is finally here, and that means apps can now be directly installed on your watch and run without your phone.

You will longer need your phone nearby to use apps on your Android Wear device, because instead of requiring a tethered connection to your phone, it will communicate through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or cellular network. In the older version of Android Wear, you could still use apps when out of range of your phone, as long as that phone was connected to a network -- now your phone doesn't need to be turned on at all.

This also means you'll be able to go straight to Google Play on your Android Wear device and browse apps that are designed specifically for the watch. You will no longer need to install Android Wear-compatible apps on your smartphone first. Instead you simply launch the Play Store on your wrist and download the app right there on your smartwatch. This is a new level of independence.

Here's a selection of the Android Wear 2.0 apps you'll want to try first.

Best Android Wear 2.0 apps

In alphabetical order:

Google Fit

Google Fit has a tonne of new functionality, thanks to Android Wear 2.0. You can do everything from basic daily step-tracking to gym workouts, and the new interface has been designed to show you snippets of at-a-glance. If you want a more thorough looks at everything, just go to the Fit app on your phone. Google Fit not only offers more activities, but it makes Android Wear device more useful with things like pushup or squat challenges, as your watch can now not only advise on form, but also measure your performance.

Google Fit has automatic activity recognition, as well as a Google Fit API, so data can sync with third party running apps, meaning you should be able to sync your data to your favourite platform -- like Strava, even if you've used the Google Fit app to gather it.

Facebook Messenger

This Android Wear 2.0 app isn't just a smaller version of the mobile app. It shows up as a normal notification and give you options when responding to people. You will be able to quickly reply to messages, send stickers, and voice messages. It’s especially convenient when you forgot you’re phone at home. From what we can tell, however, the Messenger icon itself sits in your drawer and doesn't do anything.

Find My Parked Car

  • Download (free, offers in-app purchases)

Finding your car in a big parking lot is annoying. But the Find My Parked Car app for the smartwatch makes this task more manageable -- thanks to GPS on your phone. Once you park your car, just press the park button to drop a pin and mark your parked car's location. When you want to find your car, you can open the app on your Android Wear 2.0 watch and will find the exact location from it. 


  • Download (free, offers in-app purchases)

The Recordr app makes it easy to use your Android Wear 2.0 watch mic and record voice notes. Once you record the note on your smartwatch, you can easily transfer or share it to Google Drive.


Two years after Google announced Uber would come to Android Wear, you can now finally download the standalone app on your watch to hail a ride, check your driver’s progress, choose a destination, compare prices and ETAs -- all without taking out your phone.

Are there more Android Wear 2.0 apps?

Yes. Here's the full list of confirmed standalone apps for Android Wear 2.0 that will work for both Android and iPhone users (some of which we've already detailed above):

We will constantly update this list with more Android Wear 2.0 apps when they're made available.

Want to know more?

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