Wear OS - formerly known as Android Wear - has had several big updates since it originally launched, all of which have pushed several new features, including iOS compatibility, making it increasingly more attractive, not just to Android users, but iPhone users too.

Here we have rounded up the best Wear OS smartwatches currently out there.

We have a separate best smartwatch feature with the best from all platforms including Wear OS, Tizen and Apple, but this article is all about Wear OS.

Here's the best Wear OS watch that gives you oodles of style and all the smarts...

Pocket-linttag heuer connected modular 45 review image 2

Buy the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 from around £1310 from Amazon.co.uk

The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 is a lovely smartwatch - the best looking you can buy. Its focus is firmly seated in fashion, reflecting the brand's Carrera watches with an added emphasis on personalisation. The Connected Modular 45, as its name suggests, not only offers watch face customisation, but physical customisation too - and there is a huge range of options so you can get exactly what you want... if you can afford it.

Armed with the credentials to be a wear anywhere premium smartwatch, the 45 also brings GPS and NFC to boost its digital skills, although it's not as fully-loaded as some rival devices. What's most important however, is that this premium smartwatch feels like a premium smartwatch. While others will ape its style and design, there's really nothing that matches the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45's luxury position - and the modular approach is unique.

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The Tag Heuer Connected isn't for everyone though, especially given its price tag, but don't worry as there are plenty of other great Wear OS smartwatches that will probably fit your style or your budget better. Here are the ones that you should also consider:

Michael Kors Access Sofie Review Stunning Smartwatch With Serious Sparkle image 2

Buy the Michael Kors Access Sofie for around £290 from Amazon.co.uk

The Michael Kors Access Sofie is a stunner of a smartwatch, combining beauty with brains, especially when paired with an Android rather than iOS device. It offers a luxurious and waterproof design, enough bling to make it stand out from the rest of the Wear OS crowd, while also offering a decent performance and a good battery life. And this time around it comes with a fully round watch face, which elevates it above and beyond its Bradshaw cousin that you'll find a bit further down this list.

The customisable Michael Kors watch faces once again make this smartwatch feel that little bit more special than its competitors, while the customisation options and the way "Looks" are organised is excellent, especially for those who like to match their watch to their outfit. For the MK fans who love the signature, chunky and blingy watches from the company but want them connected, the Sofie is fashionable, functional and not a smartwatch we have any intention of taking off anytime soon.

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Pocket-lintcasio wsd f20 review image 3

Buy the Casio WSD-F20 for around £450 from Snowandrock.com

There's a lot to like about the Casio WSD-F20. It's fast, fluid, responsive and very feature-rich. In fact, it's easily one of the best performing Wear OS watches we've used. From a sports tracking perspective, it's not perfect and the so-so colour screen means the Casio WSD-F20 is slightly off the pulse when it comes to dedicated outdoor activity sportswatches.

That said, the WSD-F20's dual-layer screen technology is innovative and certainly makes a lasting impression. If you're not a runner, we can comfortably say this Casio is the best Wear OS watch designed for outdoor sports. The flip side of that is that Wear OS isn't necessarily the best platform designed for outdoor sports.


Pocket-lintHuawei Watch 2 sport review image 1

Buy the Huawei Watch 2 Sport for around £299 from Amazon.co.uk

The Huawei Watch 2 is something of a surprise package: great for on-the-go independent control without a phone thanks to (optional) 4G, well built and full of top-spec hardware and features. Unless you choose the orange finish, in black the Watch 2 Sport is rather muted but the fundamentals of its design are otherwise good, making it nice to wear.

What the Huawei Watch 2 does is have a jolly good go at things. It misses the exuberance of the Casio WSD-F20 and it doesn't quite have the sporting prowess of the Polar M600 behind it, but as a smartwatch that will deal well with sports, it's actually pretty good in many areas.

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Pocket-lintbest android wear smartwatch 2017 the best smartwatches available on google s platform image 6

Buy the Nixon Mission from around £305 from Amazon.co.uk

The Nixon Mission succeeds where many smartwatches fail in offering a great design that feels nice to wear. The rugged build is also a big sell, meaning you don't have to worry about water, so it's well suited to being worn in rough conditions, like surf or snow. You presumably won't have your phone with you when surfing though, so it's then a disconnected timepiece.

For mountain sports there's added appeal, but Nixon could have offered a little more on the proprietary software side to fit the sporty aims. Ultimately, the Nixon Mission is a good-looking watch for those who are happy with a larger-scale device. There are better choices for those wanting an active sports watch, but sometimes, looking good is good enough.

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Pocket-lintbest android wear smartwatch 2017 the best smartwatches available on google s platform image 8

Buy the Michael Kors Access Bradshaw from around £229 from Amazon.co.uk

The Michael Kors Access has a beautifully solid build quality that is not only comfortable, but looks great too. It has inherited that "flat tyre" black bar to the base of the watch face, which means the screen isn't fully circular like the Access Sofie further up this list but it covers it up better than others. The dedicated MK faces make the Access feel that little bit more special than some other Wear OS devices, while the customisation options and the way "Looks" are organised is excellent, especially for those who like a different look everyday.

The Michael Kors Access does what a smartwatch should do: look like a watch you'd want to wear, while adding Wear OS smart functionality for when you want a little more. For the MK fans who love the signature chunky watches but want it connected, the Bradshaw won't disappoint.

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Pocket-lintbest android wear smartwatch 2017 the best smartwatches available on google s platform image 7

Buy the Polar M600 from around £220 from Amazon.co.uk

The Polar M600 is a fusion of smartwatch and sports device. It takes Android's platform and laces in sports and fitness tracking functions, but maintains a balance that some devices don't manage. It succeeds in being both where others have failed. It feels like a proper Polar sports watch, boosted by the best of Wear OS.

For an Android smartphone user, this is a device that's worth serious consideration. If you've been put off by Wear OS so far, this is how to do Wear OS right. It's not about bland presentation, it's about underpinning something more exciting. In this case, it's a fully-featured activity watch, especially good for running, that barely feels like Wear OS at all. The Polar M600 is not only an effective sports partner, it's a great smartwatch too.

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Pocket-lintfossil q marshal review image 1

Buy the Fossil Q Marshal from around £180 from Amazon.co.uk

The Fossil Q Marshal is a great looking smartwatch. Its metal body and decent strap options mean it's a device that will look good strapped to your wrist, though if you're after more than basic wrist-based call and message alerts, you'll be left wanting.

With a now sub £200 asking price, the Q Marshal is more affordable than some and the Fossil brand has bags of appeal. It's behind the current curve though so it won't be for everyone unless you're hooked on its looks with "fashion first" thoughts.

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Pocket-lintLG Watch Style Product Shots image 1

Buy the LG Watch Style from around £229 from Currys.co.uk

The LG Watch Style is a simple but effective smartwatch with good overall performance and a great software experience. It doesn't offer the same premium appeal as others in its field and it lacks thrills in terms of features, while not being the most stylish smartwatch out there either.

What the Watch Style does offer however, is simplicity which, for some, will make it a perfect first smartwatch. If you're after a smartwatch that looks like a premium, fashionable watch, then the Watch Style isn't the device for you. But if you want a smartwatch that's comfortable to wear and easy to use, then this LG offering does Wear OS 2.0 justice.

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Buy the Fossil Q Founder from around £159 from Amazon.co.uk

What Fossil gets right with compared to traditional electronics manufacturers' smartwatches, as you might expect, is in the overall design of the Q Founder. The casing, the strap and the fixtures ensure this fashion wearable hit enough points of difference to standout from the otherwise similar Wear OS crowd.

Except for one major problem: that black-out "flat tyre" to the bottom of the design. It stops the circular watch face from being properly round, just as it's an issue with the Fossil Q Marshal and some other Wear OS models, though the Michael Kors a little further down manages to disguise it slightly. It's the flat tyre that makes the likes of the Tag Heuer Connected a far more enticing prospect though, despite its considerable added expense (and we mean considerable). That said, we would take the Fossil over most of the competition as it's competitively priced.

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