Google's Wear OS - formerly known as Android Wear - has had several big updates since it originally launched, all of which have pushed several new features, including iOS compatibility, making it increasingly more attractive, not just to Android users, but iPhone users too.

We have a separate best smartwatch feature with the best from all platforms including Wear OS, Tizen and Apple's watchOS, but this article is all about Wear OS. Here are the best Wear OS smartwatches currently out there.

Our top Wear OS smartwatch recommendation 

This is the Wear OS watch that gives you oodles of style and all the smarts...


Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch


The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch is one of the latest models in the company's portfolio, featuring the same internals as the likes if the Puma smartwatch. There are plenty of designs available - even if they are all pretty big - and the watch straps are easy to switch for a different look. This is, in many ways, some of the purest Wear OS use you can find, and it's the best it's ever been right here. 

The new Wear 3100 processor delivers smoother performance than previous Fossil smartwatches, while the battery charging speed is much faster than it was before, and there is also a heart rate monitor and built-in GPS to make it a great all-rounder. 

Best of the rest Wear OS watches

The Tag Heuer Connected isn't for everyone though, especially given its price tag, but don't worry as there are plenty of other great Wear OS smartwatches that will probably fit your style or your budget better. Here are the ones that you should also consider:


Michael Kors Access Runway


The Michael Kors Access Runway is a fabulous smartwatch. It offers a solid build quality, a fashionable design, a lovely display and the Michael Kors customisable faces are a great addition. The battery life isn't the best out there and despite offering several fitness features, it's not really designed to work out in, but the overall experience is a great one.

You get a few extra features compared to the Access Sofie, which is a little further down this list, including built-in GPS and Google Pay compatibility, as well as a heart rate monitor. The Access Runway is also waterproof, as the Sofie is. It won't be for everyone, but for the Kors fan, it's everything you could want.


Micheal Kors Access MKGO


The Michael Kors Access MKGO is another Kors smartwatch to consider, but this one is more suited for the active user compared to the Runway and Sofie models, also on this list. It's heavily branded, which might not be to everyone's taste, but the MKGO has a lightweight and sporty design, a lovely display and those Kors customisable faces we love.

The battery life could be better and the performance could be a little quicker, but the MKGO has a great feature set for a great price, including waterproofing, built-in GPS and Google Pay. It's a great smartwatch for the active Kors fan.


Skagen Falster 3


The Skagen Falster 3 is a lovely sophisticated smartwatch that oozes simplicity in terms of design, making it a great option for those that after a subtle smartwatch. 

Its battery life isn't brilliant and it has old hardware under its hood, making it a little laggy at times, but the minimalist design is excellent, it's waterproof and it has a good display and software experience.


TicWatch Pro


The TicWatch Pro is a very versatile smartwatch. It's an excellent Wear OS smartwatch but it's also an attractive smartwatch that can be worn to work and to work out, something not all smartwatches are able to offer.

The TicWatch Pro is comfortable too and while the chunky design won't be for everyone, it will be perfect for some. This smartwatch also offers a great battery life and it is much more affordable than some competitors.


Diesel On Full Guard


The Diesel On Full Guard smartwatch is a great smartwatch for Diesel fans. It offers a fashionable design and attractive styling but this is a very big smartwatch so you need to be a fan of the chunky look Diesel offers. 

For those after a Wear OS smartwatch that is heavy on design but not necessarily full of features, the Diesel On Full Guard is a great choice. It has an excellent display, add on Diesel software and the the Wear OS platform runs smoothly.


Michael Kors Access Sofie


The Michael Kors Access Sofie is the second Michael Kors smartwatch, succeeding the Bradshaw and preceding the Access Runway, the latter of which has a little less bling and a few more features. The Sofie offers a luxurious and waterproof design, enough bling to make it stand out from the rest of the Wear OS crowd, while also offering a decent performance.

Unlike the Bradshaw, the Sofie comes with a fully round watch face and like all the Kors Access watches, customisable Michael Kors watch faces are on board, making this smartwatch feel that little bit more special than its competitors. The customisation options and the way "Looks" are organised are excellent too, especially for those who like to match their watch to their outfit. For the MK fans who love the signature, chunky and blingy watches from the company but want them connected, the Sofie is a great option.


Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30


The Casio Pro Trek WSD-F30 has a great rugged, durable design and it offers plenty of features. It's also fast, fluid and very responsive. There's a monochrome secondary screen that is very useful, while the sensors on board the WSD-F30 deliver accurate readings, even if there is no companion app to further the experience.

The Casio WSD-F30 isn't the best Wear OS smartwatch for sports tracking and it's colour screen isn't amazing for all outdoor activity, nor does it have a heart rate monitor. It does have a great battery life though and there's lots of sensor data for hiking and outdoor sports. If you're not a runner, we can comfortably say this Casio is one of the best Wear OS watch designed for outdoor sports. The flip side of that is that Wear OS isn't necessarily the best platform designed for outdoor sports.