Best Apple Watch accessories 2021: Protect and personalise your smartwatch

There's nothing like one of Apple's own sports bands to make an Apple Watch feel brand new.

(image credit: Apple)

Get your freedom back with these watch strap adapters.

(image credit: Wearlizer)

There's nothing like leather to ooze a sense of class, and this case-charger hybrid is a great choice.

(image credit: SENA)

TwelveSouth has a good track record for quality products, and this case and charger combo is another that shows its worth.

(image credit: Twelve South)

Charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously with this subdued but excellent number from Belkin.

(image credit: Belkin Powerhouse)

Another subtle and classy charging dock, this will have your watch's display front and centre.

(image credit: Twelve South)

This stand will put your beautiful watch on a pedestal, just like it deserves.

(image credit: Griffin)

If protection's on your mind, these extremely thin cases could be just the layer of insurance you want for some peace of mind.

(image credit: CorkiCorki)
This compact Apple Watch charger is really great - though there should be a USB-C option. (image credit: Moshi)