(Pocket-lint) - Who knew Sony liked lighting so much?

After the company's CES event, Sony gave Pocket-lint a tour of its new Life Space UX concept which included an apartment-type setup filled with interactive lights, minimalist speakers, app-controlled projectors, and other internet-connected devices. The star gadget however was the Symphonic Light, which uses both lighting and sound to create a smart home experience from the future.

The light is meant to mimic the look of an old school candle, but it's actually an LED bulb and speaker encased clear glass. It not only shines bright but also spits out crisp sound in all directions. It can stream music from your mobile device and work with other lights, allowing you to customise your experience and achieve an effect that'll make all your friends jealous.


Apart from the Symphonic Light, we also saw a portable, waterproof projector that can create a screen (up to 71 inches) on a wall or anywhere you'd prefer. We saw it used to create a fireplace as well as a TV in the dining room. Next door, we saw last year's cinema-like laser projector throw Spiderman and other movies onto a living room wall. Both projectors were capable of emitting crisp, vivid video.


The next thing Sony showed us was a desk projector. It can be placed over a table or any ceiling-like surface. It uniquely supports interactive touch too, so you can project a DVD cover, for instance, then touch that cover, and start playing the movie through the same projector. Amazeballs. In the same room, we saw another connected light speaker that stood tall and could project 360-degree sound.

And finally, Sony showed us a standard LED bulb that you can control with an app. Sony said the LED bulb will be available this summer, while the portable projector will debut next winter. Release dates for the Symphonic Light and desk projector haven't been announced.

Writing by Elyse Betters.