(Pocket-lint) - Samsung revealed its new Family Hub refrigerator line-up immediately prior to CES but we got to see one of them in the flesh at the company's main press conference.

The concept is similar if not identical to last year's CES sensation, but there are a few changes.

For a start, the 21.5-inch touchscreen LED display, housed on the right door, will now be available across multiple fridges in Samsung's range. Indeed, every American style refrigerator the company will make in 2017 will also be available with Family Hub 2.0.

The range of apps and interface have been improved, with family members now able to create their own unique profiles, with different avatars. And they can send pictures and other content to the fridge's display using the Family Hub application on their smartphone or tablet.

Pocket-lintsamsung family hub 2 0 refrigerator preview image 2

Spotify is now available as one of the third-party services, while the fridge can still play music and mirror a TV screen over Wi-Fi as before.

Another major new feature is voice control, using Samsung's own S-Voice proprietary system. We're interested in testing that out against LG's latest rival refrigerator which boasts Amazon Alexa integration.

LidL is also offering grocery shopping through the fridge in certain European territories. We wonder if that will extend to the UK.

There's no indication yet on price or actual release date, but hopefully, the wider line-up will start off more affordable than the current Family Hub fridge - which costs several grand.

Certainly the new flagship model, pictured, looks the part.

Writing by Rik Henderson.