(Pocket-lint) - Philips has launched a white-only version of its Hue smartphone connected light bulb, offering all the benefits of its Hue system but without the colours.

Rather than having the ability to turn your room into a multitude of colours as you can with the original Hue, the Hue Lux will let you turn it from warm white to cool white using an app.

We had a chance to test it out during the Light and Building show in Frankfurt and we liked the white spectrum it offered.

There was a brighter white, which we would use for task lighting such as studying or reading, through to a warmer white that glowed and offered a softer lighting, helping create a softer mood.


The Hue Lux bulb is exactly the same as the original Hue bulbs offering a large flat top, which reduces in width to the screw fitting at the bottom.

We are big fans of the colour versions of Hue but we can certainly see where a white version would come in handy. It's a great addition to an already great product line and the fact that it comes with the same functionality as the original Hue is great, working with instant changes through the sliders in the app.

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Each starter kit of the Hue Lux, priced at £89.99, contains two Hue Lux bulbs and a Hue bridge that makes the whole system work when you plug the bridge into your home Wi-Fi router. The Hue Lux will be available in the summer in the US and UK with extra Lux bulbs priced at £29.99.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.