(Pocket-lint) - Panasonic had all sorts of exciting products on its stand at this year's IFA but there was a section in the middle that was beyond cool, called Better Living.

The enclosed section was set up in the style of an apartment featuring a kitchen, living room and dressing room, all of which had technology within them that presented how clever and integrated the home of the future could be. 

There was a dishwasher with a camera inside, an induction hob that could measure the amount of liquid you were pouring into the saucepan in real time, a spoon that stirred all on its own (yes, really) and an oven that could be controlled all through an app.


We were very excited by the Harry Potter-style spoon, which happily went round and round the saucepan and made us consider how easy it would be to make risotto with it in our lives, but it was the TV in the living room and the mirror in the dressing room that really got our attention.

The TV started off as a panel around 300mm in height displaying interactive fishes, then a bookcase and acted as means to display decorative, animated images rather than a traditional programme. It moved as the presenter moved her hands across, reacting to hand gestures alone rather than touch and she even managed to play us a song.


But things really got interesting when it raised up from the cabinet into a full-sized TV that not only offered a range of pictures, but it also told us what was going on in the rest of the apartment, including how long there was left till the duck in the oven was roasted, how charged our Tesla in the garage was and what song was currently playing.


The presentation then moved to the dressing room where the Panasonic AR Make-Up Mirror was on display, which was on a whole different level of awesome. 

It uses facial recognition technology from the Lumix cameras, along with commercial security products and it has the ability to track and access your face.


First of all, it will do a skin check, analysing wrinkles, smile lines, pores, spots and translucency and it will then recommend skin care products to help you.

Following the skin check, the AR Make-Up Mirror has the ability to apply virtual make up to your face in real-time, allowing you to see what different styles of make up will suit your face. There are a range of different styles from decorative and playful to colourful and you can play around with eyebrow shape, eyeshadow, cheek colour and lipstick, as well as false eyelashes and the like.


That's not all though. The mirror can even show you what you will look like in different lighting conditions such as candle light, so if you had plans for a date that evening, it would be able to present how you will look to the person sitting opposite you and help you select the appropriate make up to ensure you look your best.

Think of it like the mirror on the wall in Cinderella but rather than just telling you you're beautiful, it shows and helps you and it's ready to be rolled out commercially, although Panasonic didn't say if any retail chain like Selfridges, Boots or Harrods have got excited enough to buy it yet. 

Panasonic also suggested it could be scaled down for the home, although there was no hint on when it would be possible to buy one. We really hope its soon though because this is something we definitely want in our house. In fact, we would love our house to be as cool as this Better Living apartment full stop as it was without a doubt, one of the most exciting parts of IFA for sure.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.