(Pocket-lint) - LG has taken the fight with Dyson to the next level by introducing a new vacuum cleaner with a super suck and what it claims is the World's first motorised dust compression system, but has it got what it takes to steal the crown? We get cleaning to find out.

The bagless cleaner looks more like astronaut's helmet than something that belongs in your living room, and its main promise is that it can compress the dust it collects into tightly packed cubes in the container.

Why is this of importance to you? Well LG say that in doing so it allows you to collect up to four times as much dust in comparison with similar bagless vacuum cleaners and thus meaning less trips to the bin to empty it out. Furthermore a more compacted dust clump at the end means that it won't fly everywhere when it comes to emptying it out.

Other tech features include a permanent Washable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Filter) that ensures min 99.5% (for HEPA12) and 99.95% (for HEPA 13) of all particles passing through the cleaner are retained, leaving homes dust and allergen free.

In use and the sucking capabilities of the cleaner are carpet lifting impressive, and we especially like the power gauge on the handle that allows you to see the power of the suck from curtains to sofas, to carpets to floor, rather than a straight on or off.

In the box there are three nozzle attachments, the main carpet one, a smaller one for tighter spots and a brush tipped nozzle.

For those of you who have big rooms the LG Compressor also features a retractable power cord that is 9 metres long giving what LG claim is a cleaning radius of 12 metres and full-flight staircase cleaning.

We tested the AllergyCare model (there are actually three new models in the range identified by three shades: the Compressor, (silver) Compressor PetCare (red) and Compressor AllergyCare (green and white)) and the AllergyCare unit sports that buzzword "Nano-Silver" technology to supposedly prevent the growth of any bacteria whilst the dust is being held inside the vacuum cleaner.


So what about when it comes to cleaning floors? Well we were very impressed and the LG Compressor did a very good job on the carpet in Pocket-lint towers, we love the variable power control on the handle and from a style point of view it looks snazzy - if you can say that of a vacuum cleaner.

So what's the catch? So far in our use there doesn't seem to be one and that can only mean one thing - top marks.

Writing by Stuart Miles.