(Pocket-lint) - Robot vacuum cleaners have been around for many years now and have had varying levels of success, when it comes to autonomously cleaning floors. Few though have also offered as much fun for the owner as the LG Hom-bot Turbo+, because its augmented reality features almost turn it into a toy too.

The Hom-bot Turbo+ (also known as Roboking in Korea, which we kind-of prefer) has "Triple Eye" camera sensors that give the AI cleaner a few new features. Not only can it serve as a guard dog of sorts, detecting motion and therefore sending out alerts, it can also be controlled remotely through a smartphone.

The front-facing cameras show the surroundings from the cleaner's view and users can either manually steer it in a remote controlled way, or simply tap on the vista shown on screen to send the Hom-bot in that direction and set it to clean.


In looks, it is familiar to many robotic vacuums released in the past, but the cameras on the front look a bit like eyes and they make it look more like something out of Star Wars. Perhaps this is just the beginning and we'll eventually have R2-D2 or BB-8-style bots running around our living rooms, sucking up dust before too long.

Would make a change from traversing the universe delivering holographic plans, we suppose.

Pricing and availability for the Hom-bot Turbo+ are yet to be revealed.

Writing by Rik Henderson.