(Pocket-lint) - Before CES started we were of the opinion that CES 2016 would be dominated by 4K TVs and Blu-ray players. But while there were plenty of excellent sets on show, two of the products that also had tongues wagging like an over-excited dog's tail were actually kitchen appliances.

Like Samsung, LG unveiled a high-end, double-doored fridge during the show. And it too has a panel on the right-hand door that enables you to peer inside at your milk and cold food without having to open it up. However, while Samsung has a 21.5-inch touchscreen, LG's solution is far more simple. It's merely darkened glass.

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That prevents you seeing inside until you tap on the glass, using the "knock-on" feature, then the light goes on inside the LG Signature Refrigerator and therefore the glass looks more transparent.

In all other tech respects LG's fridge is more simple too. It doesn't have smart capabilities, unlike the Samsung unit and many other LG appliances, but it does have an auto-open function, which uses a sensor and projector at the bottom of the door that call tell when your foot is nearby and smoothly unlatch the door for you.


Other than that, it is a beautiful, elegant fridge, with stainless steel exterior and an enormous amount of capacity.

If you are put off by the idea of a fully smart fridge, with touchscreen controls and smartphone connectivity, this could be the ideal solution for you.

Be prepared to pay a fair penny though. We don't know the price as yet, but LG has said that it's Signature range of devices will be at the higher-end. Also, if you want the cold water and ice dispenser, you might even have to pay a bit more to import it, as the European version won't come with it (which you will see in our gallery above).

Writing by Rik Henderson.