(Pocket-lint) - LG announced an updated model of its LG Styler at CES 2015 and we managed to get a quick look at it in action during the company's InnoFest conference in Portugal. The LG Styler is a clothing management system designed to refresh clothes without detergents and the new, more advanced version of the system features NFC, Smart Diagnostics, as well as a number of functions "not found on any washing machine".

The LG Styler is 30 per cent smaller than the original model, features a rounded edge and comes with a glass door that has a touch panel for control. It's not the smallest of appliances but it looks great with a slightly shimmery finish and the touch panel is nice and easy to use. The system has the capacity for four pieces of clothing, so it won't be replacing your wardrobe anytime soon, but its functions include Odour Removal, Quick Refresh, Moving Hanger Action and Easy Pants Crease Care, all of which have their own purpose.


The Odour Removal feature unsurprisingly gets rid of bad smells whether food, smoke or sweat by using steam and users can choose from two aroma sheets, while the Quick Refresh feature keeps clothes looking, feeling and smelling fresh. For those who hate ironing, the Moving Hanger Action feature shakes clothes after they have been steamed to get rid of any wrinkles and the Easy Pants Crease Care feature refreshes your trousers and puts that perfect crease in them in around 30 minutes. We saw a couple of features in action and they seemed to be very easy to set up on the front display. 

The LG Styler has a built-in heat pump to generate and maintain warm air at a low temperature to make sure you don't end up with a t-shirt three sizes too small and you'll also find LG's TrueSteam technology, which is used in the company's washing machines to help eliminate germs and bacteria from clothing.


Smart Diagnostics alerts you via your smartphone when something is wrong and NFC tagging means you'll be able to download and upload specialised cycles for the LG Styler from your phone in one tap, two features also found on LG's latest washing machines.

There is no word on pricing or availability for the new LG Styler just yet but we were told during InnoFest 2015 that the company had plans to introduce them to hotels in the future. If it removes the need for ironing though, we want one in our house not just our hotel room!

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.