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(Pocket-lint) - Connectivity was a running theme at the Light and Building show in Frankfurt which took place this week, and LG was no exception.

The South Korean company recently announced its Smart Bulb, offering you control using your smartphone, and we got the chance to have a quick play with it.

The LG Smart Bulb is a similar size and weight to the Philips Hue bulbs, but it offers a slightly harsher design.

The end of the bulb is rounded, as you would expect, and there is the LG logo subtly placed on top of the bulb. Beneath the bulb itself is a grey ridged structure, which we weren't quite sure about. It felt a little industrial compared to the smooth and simple design of the Hue, but we suspect you won't notice it too much when it is installed.

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The entire LG stand was lit with the new Smart Bulb, which was interesting to see as they looked like normal bulbs and it would have been difficult to know the difference if we hadn't been told.

We had a play with one on display that was set up with the LG G2 and the accompanying app and we found it to be particularly quick to respond.

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There was no sign of lag or delay between the reducing the brightness on the app and the bulb responding, nor between selecting a mode and the bulb changing to the specific settings.

We did find the app a little complicated to navigate with things not as simple as we would have liked, but our time was limited and we would imagine this is something that becomes easier the more you play.

The new Smart Bulb has a number of modes which you can set on the app including a reading mode, security mode which makes it appear like you're home when you're away, a mode that will flash light when you're playing music, and a mode that will flash when you receive a phone call on your handset.

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You can also control the brightness of the bulb, and set it to slowly brighten as you wake up from a nap. LG says the Smart Bulbs are low wattage and will run for more than 10 years when used for five hours a day.

The Smart Bulb is heading for Korea first priced at 35,000 won, but there is no details or release date for the US or UK as yet.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.