(Pocket-lint) - Elgato announced a number of new smarthome products during IFA 2014 that will use Apple's new HomeKit platform, which is expected to be announced in further detail soon.

The Elgato Avea smart lighting system was one of the new products detailed, along with a home monitoring system called Eve, the latter of which we got our hands on to see what we thought of it and how it plans to create clever homes.

The Eve home monitoring system is comprised of a number of sensors that all work together to let you know what your home environment is like. 

The way it was described to Pocket-lint at the show, was that the sensors will help improve your home environment by offering you information to enable you to make a difference, rather than the system itself making the difference. In the same way an activity tracker motivates you to get up off your sofa and do some exercise rather than physically making you skinny, the Elgato Eve home monitoring system will offer you the information you need to make change, such as your energy consumption.


The system will be compatible with Apple's iOS and Elgato said it has been designed for HomeKit integration but it wouldn't elaborate on much more detail than that. In fact, it had even stickered out the HomeKit wording on the stand. What we do know and what we could see however, was a system that will report data on air quality, temperature and humidity, as well as energy and water consumption.

Not all of the sensors were available to see at the show, with the system featuring Eve Room, Eve Weather, Eve Energy, Eve Water, Eve Smoke and Eve Door & Window, but we did see the app in action and we managed to track down a couple of them.

The Eve Room and Eve Weather sensors were both on display at IFA 2014, and the Eve Door & Window was fully functioning, as was the Eve Energy.

The Eve Room and Eve Weather sensors are both square boxes with a small logo in the bottom right hand corner that distinguishes between them. They are a little larger than what we initially expected as other smarthome sensors we have come across in the past have been significantly smaller, Archos being on of them.


However, they featured an inoffensive design that would sit happily on a white wall without causing too much disturbance to the decor. The Eve Room monitors temperature, humidity and air pressure to give you an overall idea of your air quality and the app shows a list of rooms so the idea is that you have one of these sensors in each to allow you to keep a track of each individual room.

The Eve Weather sensor will measure the humidity and air pressure within a room to give you an overall temperature and again, the idea would be that you have these in every room to allow you to monitor each.


When it comes to the Eve Energy sensor, the plan is that you will be able to see which plugs are in use within a room by plugging the sensor into the socket and your device into the sensor, a little like an adapter.

Of course if you want to have one of these for every plug, you will be looking at a bit of a cash, but it would be handy to avoid that running out of the house and wondering if you have forgotten to turn something off feeling.


Within the app itself, there is an "At a Glance" section that will let you find out the information you need by room or by individual types.

It's very easy to navigate with everything clearly visible so you can click on "Living Room" to find out the temperature, humidity, air pressure, door status and power status, or alternatively, you can click on "Air Pressure" or "Power State" for example, to find out the air pressure for each room or work out which power sockets are being used.


The Door & Window sensor does exactly what you would expect, letting you know when a window or a door is open.

We would need to review the Elgato Eve system in our own home for us to pass a judgement on its accuracy and how well it works but from what we could see, it's a good home monitoring system that has the potential to really help save you money and keep your environment healthy.

Everything is very easy to use and the information is clear without being overbearing so we are looking forward to spending more time with it and finding out how good (or bad) our home environment is when we come to review it.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.