(Pocket-lint) - There are no qualms about it: Dyson make a good vacuum cleaner, but the trouble is the regular Dyson vacuum cleaner isn't the smallest of devices. But can a "Mini-me" version still pack an impressive punch? We do a spot of cleaning to find out.

The Dyson DC24 is a compact version of its DC15 Ball product, down to the colouring and functionality.

While on first impressions it looks more like a child's toy - and Mrs. Pocket-lint suggested we get my 2 year old to test it out - Dyson state that it is just as powerful.

So what do you get?

Well you get a small, compact vacuum cleaner that measures; 74.9(H) x 28(D) x 34.9(W)cm. In reality this means that when packed away it is small enough to fit under a kitchen counter. Before you worry that you might have to be incredibly short to use this, it can compress to this size mainly because of its fold-away handle.

You also get the Ball design found in the DC15 that allows you to move around your home quickly rather than having to push and pull the vacuum cleaner backwards and forwards as you do with a design that features four wheels.

Other features of the design include the standard Dyson bagless "bin" and two washable HEPA filters. This, states Dyson, means the air emitted from a Dyson vacuum cleaner has up to 150 times less bacteria, mould and allergens than the room’s ambient air. All Dyson machines are approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

You also get a motorised brushbar giving you that extra suck where you need it and like previous models you can turn this on or off if you don't need the extra power.

How have they managed to do all this compressing? Well mainly using dead space: one of the filters and the motor is hidden in the ball for example.

In-use and we were very surprised at the performance of the Dyson, especially for something so small.

We used the DC24 on carpet, floorboards and slate and cleaned a series of dirts such as flour, dog hair and even garden dirt.

Like the DC15 the manoeuvrability is impressive with the claim of being able to turn on a sixpence being true.

Drawbacks we found however are the size of the bin, something that shouldn't bother you if you are only cleaning a small flat and a fiddly hand wand set-up that requires you to construct it every time rather than as with the bigger model just extend it.

However, where the DC24 outperforms the regular-sized DC15 is in its size and weight. It weighs 5.4kg.

This makes it an ideal device for the stairs. In fact we found that it was light enough to hold in one hand while we used the wand and accompanying brush to do the cleaning in the other. Something we can't say about the heavy DC15.


The "Mini-Me" version of the regular Dyson is impressive. It is light, easy and nifty in use.

Complaints are few and far between, although those looking to clean bigger rooms should bear in mind that a narrower brush head and smaller dust bucket will mean more trips to bin to empty it and consequentially a longer time to clean.

Oh and of course the price, they say expensive things come in small packages and as usual with Dyson, you will have to pay for the privilege of having a cleaner that your 2-year-old is tall enough to use.

Writing by Stuart Miles.