Dyson may promise to make your house spotless but what about your car? We set aside one Saturday to see whether the new Dyson Car Cleaning kit could do the job.

After nearly a year of owning my car I thought it about time it deserved a good clean inside, especially after all the mud, hair and twigs that it's had to endure from a large mucky Labrador.

It's supposedly not unusal. In a survey complied by Dyson, it found that although 60 percent of drivers admit they wash the outside of their car once a month, most only clean their the inside car twice a year.

Dyson has broken done the kit into three main parts; The Car Turbine Head, The Flexi Crevice tool and the Stubborn Dirt Brush.

The good, is that there is an attachment for every nook and cranny you car can probably throw at you.

First up is the Car Turbine Head, and this was great for getting rid of the stubborn pet hairs and food crumbs from my husband's Gingsters habit.

The Flexi Crevice tool did what it said and it was so flexible every inch of the car got cleaned, including all those awkward places like the door bins and down beside the gear stick.

And finally the Stubborn Dirt Brush was useful for lifting up all the ingrained dirt, although you do have to put in some vigorous action for those stubborn stains.

So what's the catch? Firstly, you have to swap the attachments when you move on to the next job. Secondly, once out of the box it would have been nice to include a bag to keep everything in so you're not afraid of losing any of the key parts.


The kit certainly works and makes light work of cleaning the car compared to trying to use the non-dedicated attachments you get with the Dyson.

At £40 it's a tad expensive and equates to around four sessions at the car cleaning service at our local car park, which according to Dyson is around two years' worth. Older Dyson users should be wary that it won't work with the DC01, DC02 and DC03 models.

It did an amazing job, if only my husband had noticed!

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