(Pocket-lint) - Like father, like son. Jake Dyson is an inventor and engineer extraordinaire. And like father James, Jake's products are fresh and innovative in their category.

But the difference between a Jake Dyson product and something from the main Dyson brand is that the former centres around lighting systems. The range shares the same attention to detail as Dyson vacuum cleaners and fans, yet naturally serve a different purpose. Rather than shift air, they cast light. And for an exceptional amount of time too.

The Jake Dyson CSYS Task Light desk lamp, for example, lasts up to an estimated 37 years, without ever having to replace a single bulb. It is unique in its field and is as stylish as it is efficient.

The lifespan is based on the assumption that a user would use the light for 11 hours a day everyday, which is in the higher bracket of daily use, we feel. It could therefore last a lifetime if only used for half that time.


Of course, not all LED lamps can possibly make such a claim. They wouldn't last anywhere near that amount of time before dimming or failing completely. So how does the Dyson CSYS system manage it?

Inside the light's horizontal arm there is an aluminium heat pipe specially designed by Jake Dyson. It draws heat away from the bank of eight LEDs in the tip, thereby extending their lifespan greatly. So greatly in fact, that the 37 year can be made.

The clever design doesn't stop there. The eight LEDs, which have the sort of warm white glow we prefer over a stark blueish white some LED equivalents emit, are also encased in their own conical housings in order to prevent glare. Plus, the stand is rigid and based on a construction crane.

The base can rotate 360 degrees, while a counterweighted pulley system enables you to position the arm anywhere vertically. You can also extend it horizontally by up to 275mm, giving enormous control over where you want to cast light. It's a real joy to use and because of the clever weight system, you can reposition it anywhere with the lightest touch.


Also just requiring a touch is the on/off switch which actually does more than that. If you hold your finger on the pressure pad the light will dim slowly and you can therefore set the amount of light you require by lifting your finger off at the right moment.

The Dyson CSYS desk light is quite a magnificent thing. Yes it's just a lamp at the end of the day, but it's the best lamp you're likely to find. If you run a home office or simply want something stylish, with clean lines and industrial simplicity as a living room light, you can't get better.

It is available in black and black, black and silver, or white and silver, like the one we've been testing. The desk lamp costs £399 and is available from dyson.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can also get a floor standing version or one with a clamp instead of a base to fit on the end of a desk for £599 and £399 respectively.

Writing by Rik Henderson.