(Pocket-lint) - Dyson has updated its bladeless Hot + Cool fan technology to devise a new model that not only blows warm or cold air into a room as the AM05 we saw in 2013, but also has two ways it can stream the air so it can be focused either at an individual or spread to fill the room.

The Dyson AM09 uses the company's Jet Focus Technology to widen or narrow the jet of air, depending on how much of an area you wish too cool or heat.

Dyson's Jet Focus Technology is inspired by the Coanda effect, which causes air to change direction as it travels over a surface. This means that a narrow, focused stream of air can be produced by accelerating it over an airfoil shaped ramp. And by adding a second jet of air, the stream widens into more of a cone effect, more quickly filling the room.

There are buttons to choose which you'd prefer on the included remote control and both options are available for cool or warm air.


Like the previous model, the AM09 uses the company's Air Multiplier tech to great effect, accelerating air generated by an energy efficient, brushless motor in the base amd shooting it through an annular aperture. The end result is a safer, quieter fan than most on the market.

Pocket-lint has tried some of the previous models from the British manufacturer and found that the AM09 has the same excellent build quality as its predecessors. It has a brushed plastic coating that is both nice to touch and classy looking.


The aperture is aluminium and there is a small LED segment at the bottom that shows the temperature and whether the blowing mode is diffused or set for personal heating.

The only other indicator on the fan itself is a glowing ring around the power button, which changes from red to blue depending on whether it is set to blow hot or cold air.

All actions are controlled through the included remote, which has thermostat controls and a sleep timer button to put the fan into standby mode in a set number of hours. The remote also locks magnetically to the top of the fan so you won't lose it.

There is an ambient temperature gauge within the AM09 that judges how warm the room is already, therefore only switching on the fan if it needs to heat it further to the desired level. It can go from 1-degree celsius to 37-degrees on the heating scale. The cold air is a standard 0-degrees, but with a variable speed setting.


The fan can tilt backwards and forwards, so can be sat high on a shelf or even on the floor, but we found it worked and looked best on a bookcase or side table.

It can also be set to automatically rotate from side to side for better coverage.

There are few products on the market so suited to both the winter and warm weather that we're heading into in the UK now. And we can see the Dyson AM09 getting a lot of use beyond just the summer.

It costs £399.99 and is available now from dyson.co.uk/am09.

Writing by Rik Henderson.