We don't always go for corporate games. When an app arrives very obviously pushing a brand, it's usually that case that it's marketing before app. It's usually poorly designed and boring

On the odd occasion, we find ourselves drawn in and playing with the app, with little regard for the branding behind it. Perhaps we're looking at a masterstroke in subliminal advertising, but as we're entertained, we'll forgive it for today's App of the Day.

Dyson Balloon Game


Dyson Balloon Game is exactly what it sounds like. It's an app that's designed to promote the Dyson Air Multiplier, that fancy expensive fan the company makes.

One of the key messages about the Air Multiplier is how it pulls air from behind and accelerates it. Putting this physics into the game world, of course, you get to use Dyson's Air Multipliers to move a balloon around the level.

It's a physics-based game where the aim is to move the balloon to a target. There may be obstacles to navigate and the only thing you have to create movement (other than the sinking of the balloon) is the Dyson Air Multiplier.

The fans (let's call them that) can be moved around the level and the power and angle adjusted to direct the balloon as you wish. It's a little like Paper Toss and that’s no bad thing, because it's rather addictive.

There are 61 levels on offer, with Dyson amusingly claiming that you'll "become an expert in fluid dynamics", which we're sure will be of welcome relief to mech eng undergraduates everywhere.

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Of course, you're not totally spared from good old-fashioned propaganda, as the game points out the downside of traditional bladed fans and you get to experience more variety as you go along.

Dyson Balloon Game may be designed to promote the Dyson Air Multiplier, but it's addictive and fun and ideal for a quick play on the bus, so we'll forgive it's branded message.