(Pocket-lint) - Wireless LAN may be on the increase but what happens if there are areas of your home where a connection simply can’t reach? The best, and cheapest, answer is to use the mains power cabling to carry your data.

The Powerline AV Starter Kit consists of two terminals with the idea being you plug one end into a mains socket near your broadband connection, while the other terminal you plug in near your PC in a remote location elsewhere in the house.

The unit itself comes with three Ethernet ports, so you can plug in multiple PCs or other network devices, creating a network. If your PC is set-up away from a mains socket, there is even an adapter included to bring the terminal closer to your computer.

A signal should carry up to 300 metres without any data loss. You don’t need to install software or configure anything and with a 200Mbps theoretical maximum it is quick enough for streaming video over. We even found that you can play games online without losing latency.

However, to better manage the connection and also get support from file encryption, you’ll need to install the supplied software. It supports 128bit encryption but as your files are carried over a fixed connection, there is far less chance of being hacked – a fear for many potential Wi-Fi users.


The Belkin Powerline AV Starter Kit is a great way to make sure you get the best coverage in older buildings. If you’re living in a heavy Wi-Fi area (who isn’t with the number of BT boxes being shipped) then this is a simple and effective way to keep your internet connection to yourself.

Writing by Mike Browne.