Wireless technology is fasting becoming the next big thing. Joining in on this phenomenon is Belkin which has launched a wireless network family based on the fast 54g technology.

Working 5 times faster than 802.11b the system hopes to offer greater file transferring speeds as well as free your house or office from metres and metres of cabling. While the Belkin Wireless Cable/DSL Gateway Router acts as the base station, the Belkin Notebook Network Card allows you to successful connect either to the router or other wireless networks as long as you have the permission to do so.

The card theoretically only needs one PC Card slot; however the bulk wireless bit of the card does mean that if you want to use the other slot you will need to place this one in a top slot rather than the bottom - a small and minor point. After installing the software, which like the wireless router can be done in a matter of minutes you are ready to go.

If it wasn't for the small icon in your system tray you would be forgiven for not realising that this card was running. And it is through the software that you can configure your card and network choices further.

The software gives you plenty of options and allows you to monitor the cards performance giving you live data to signal strength, noise inference, speed your working at and other menial bits of information that to most won't make any sense. The card also gives you current activity statistics and packet information, but the people that are likely to buy belkin products probably won't be too fussed, as long as it works.

What users will be fussed with however, is the ability to set up multiple network settings easily, allowing you to connect at home and the office without having to change settings every time. In short, set up is easy and adding networks simple.

Of course as you would expect the card is compatible with 802.11b and it really comes into its own when you're sitting in the garden drinking Pimms in the sun professing to be working and accessing you're files from a computer some 50 yards away.

Price when reviewed:

With so many conferences now becoming Wi-Fi enabled this card will allow you to connect in and enjoy the wondered of the web at the same time. In fact in many technology conferences it has become the de facto to be looking up additional pointers and information as the key note speaker talks - want to know what they are talking about, simply go and look it - get an important email - simply reply to it.

Whether it’s the need to be connected at a conference, when you’re out and about on the road or merely so you can work from the garden a wireless network certainly is the way forward. It's fast, normally free and gives you a lot of options for communicating on the move.