(Pocket-lint) - Belkin has rolled out a number of connected home products at CES and we have had a play with them all. Designed to let you control home functions from your smartphone over a Wi-Fi network, these simple but clever gadgets could make a big difference to your home.

Let's start with the WeMo light switch, which enables you to turn lights on and off remotely. There isn't too much to say about it other than that its a rather good-looking light switch, if there is such a thing. It has a small piece of clear black plastic in the middle, with a green light to indicate when it is on or off.


You can touch the switch to turn the lights off, or connect to the WeMo app and control it with your iPhone or iPad, as well as via Android once the app launches.

Also integrated is "If this then that" functionality. This is a website which uses the internet to trigger different options. You could, say, have the light switches turn off when you receive a Facebook message using the website, or even have them turn on when it reaches a certain time. 


Also shown was Belkin's WeMo switch, which is basically an extension of a normal plug socket and lets you control power flow to any device over Wi-Fi. The same principles apply to this as to the light switch. Build quality is good and we like the power button on the top so you can turn the device off when it isn't needed without unplugging things.


Finally there is the Belkin WeMo Motion. This works by plugging into a power outlet and can detect motion up to 10 ft away. Again, it be controlled wirelessly, but will also turn on and off devices using motion sensing.

The WeMo switch is priced at £39.99 and available now. The other devices will be coming to the UK shortly and should be priced similarly to their US options. The Motion control is $99.

Writing by Hunter Skipworth.