With this untypically warm summer weather we've been having in the UK, you're sure to be looking for some gadgetry from the freezer to keep you refreshed. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is an ice pop system looking for a place in your freezer. It provides the moulds, the sticks, and a twist of innovation to bring you a really simple method of making your own ice lollies.

The main component of Zoku is the mould block. The top of the unit is non-stick aluminium, with the three moulds for your ice lollies. The real innovation is that you freeze the Zoku block before you start making your lollies, rather than having to balance all those running liquids in your freezer and risk spilling them. 

Essentially it works like an ice block you'd put in your coolbag when heading out for a summer picnic. The aluminium surface in this case means it freezes your ice pops when you pour them into the moulds.


In the kit you get six lolly sticks with six drip guards to keep messy eaters clean, as well as a special tool for removing the lollies once they are frozen. This big handle simply screws onto the end of the lolly sticks and cracks them out of the moulds, you then unscrew it and hand the delicious treat over to the expectant child. Removing your ice pops without this tool is nigh on impossible, so whatever you do, keep it somewhere safe.

You might be thinking that those plastic moulds that cost a fraction of the price will do just as well and perhaps you are right, but the Zoku does present you with a range of rather unique options because you can sit there and watch it freeze your ice lolly. It means you can make layers, or even have a centre that is a different flavour, by letting it freeze a little, sucking out the middle with a straw, then pouring in something else.

You can make ice lollies from whatever you like: cordials, milk, fruit juices, yoghurt, as well as adding any extra ingredients, fruit pieces or chocolate chips for example. The opening you get to pour in your ingredients isn't huge, so it's worth adding any solid parts before pouring in liquids. You also have to be careful not to spill anything on the surface, because it will instantly freeze.


It's worth pointing out too that little fingers should be kept away from the surface of the Zoku. If they are wet little fingers then they too will freeze and whatever you do, please avoid the temptation to lick any spills off the surface…

The process of making an ice lolly is simple. You take the frozen Zoku out of the freezer, place a lolly stick in the mould and then add your choice ingredients. Freezing takes about 8-10 minutes and you can see the freezing process taking place.

Zoku is really about being inventive and seeing what you can come up with. We tried a range of different options and ingredients and found they all worked well. We found we could make six lollies before the Zoku started to get too warm to effectively freeze any more (ambient temperature will play a part in this, naturally).


Simple and fun, Zoku will be a hit with the kids for sure. We like the fact that you can make anything you like with it and you don't have to return to your freezer to make it freeze your pops.

Of course you have to accept the £40 price tag is higher than old school plastic moulds which will cost you just a few pounds, but lets face it, Zoku makes it way more fun.