The appliance brand has absolutely nothing to do with super cars, but is the Casa Bugatti kettle the Veyron of the kitchen or just another overpriced worktop ornament?

Kettles have been getting technical of late – rapid boiling elements, clever water saving devices, Brita filters to name a few – but the Casa Bugatti takes water boiling high tech. We’re talking digital water level readers, adjustable temperature settings, programmable timers and one of the slickest LED displays we’ve ever seen, on anything.

But let’s start with the design – according to the product blurb the 1.7 litre conical stainless steel body has been engineered to speed up the boiling process and reduce energy consumption by an eco-friendly 25%. Clever stuff, but the real action happens in the handle. Plug the kettle in and LEDs spark into life showing the time, how much water (in ml) and how hot the water is.

Yes people, this kettle has a full-on digital interface and it’s not just for show; the three buttons at the base of the handle let you to programme the kettle to boil as a specific time and select a temperature between 45 and 98°C to reduce unnecessary boiling when making herbal teas and instant coffee.

Programming is easy, if not a bit fiddly. If you’ve ever owned a digital watch or set a VCR you’ll know what we mean; lots of button pushing and menu searching but you get there in the end.

But can it boil water? Firstly, the elongated conical shape and small opening meant it was a tight fit getting under the tap, and those with smaller faucets might struggle. Secondly you can’t judge the water level inside until you’ve put the kettle back on the base and the LED gauge lights up. We love the idea of being given a digital readout but as the minimum level is 800ml, far more than your average cup, we can’t help but think the 25% energy saving design will be cancelled out by needless over-filling at the tap.

Gripes aside, we can’t argue with the Bugatti’s ability to boil. The 2.4kW concealed element is lightening fast and a (self measured) cup of water took less than 30sec to boil. We also loved watching the temperature level rise on the LED display.

We’re smitten with the design, how couldn’t you be? But like a trophy bride we’ve got a nasty feeling the novelty will wear off, long after the credit card bill comes in.


The Casa Bugatti Kettle is a step-up in class from any other kettle available. It has "design classic" stamped all over it but is it really worth £185?

It’s far and away the most drool-worthy hi-tech and downright desirable kettle we’ve ever seen and the Pocket-lint worktop is looking depressing without it, but having lived with it for a week we’re sadly not convinced.

It looks fantastic, and we challenge anyone not to be impressed with the LED handle and flashing gizmos, especially the programmable timer, but as an everyday appliance it’s just not practical enough. Yes, we know practical is boring, but when you can’t tell how much water is inside and resort to filling it up with a measuring jug to avoid scratching it and the tap we think even die-hard fashionistas would have to admit defeat.