The fully automatic Magimix M190 CitiZ & Milk Nespresso machine promises delicious mess-free espresso, but does the addition of a unique milk heater and frother finally mean proper cappuccinos for all?

Using the Nespresso coffee pod system the Magimix, unlike so many coffee makers on the market, is a mercifully simple. Fill with water, choose your coffee flavour (16 in the basic range), pop the foil pod in the slot, pull down the lever and choose large or small espresso and that’s it - no coffee grounds to spill, handles to pull, pressure to set or mess to clear up.

Measuring 27.7 x 23.7 x 37.2cm the M190 isn’t much bigger than a kettle, so it won’t swamp your worktop but has a solid weight to it and looks built to last, which is just as well, as £180 is too steep for something that ends up in the back of the drawer after a month.

You can customise the size of your coffee which is a useful extra, especially if you want a longer Americano style drink rather than a full on espresso shot. But that’s about it for clever features: a multi-tasker this isn’t, but if you’re after a no hassle quality coffee this is going to be hard to beat.

The standout feature for us though is the milk frother. Unlike the steam-spewing third degree burn issuing metal arms on most machines it effortlessly heats and froths milk in less than 30 seconds. You just pour a little milk in the stainless steel jug and push the button - a small whisk and hidden heating element takes care of the rest.

Coffee snobs will scoff at the lack of steam, and if we’re being picky the milk could have done with being a touch hotter, but the results are delicious and as close to a restaurant quality cappuccino we’ve ever managed at home.

But is it worth £180? For the quality of the machine, the ease of use and the great results we think its well worth it, but be prepared for the cost of the coffee. Nespresso pods cost 25p each, which isn’t so bad for occasional use, but if you have a couple of cups every day the cost will sky rocket compared to buying beans or grounds.

You’ll also need to join the Nespresso Club ( and order your coffee online (there is a flagship store in Knightsbridge, London, if you’re in the neighbourhood). Oh and you can only order in multiples of 50, and postage is £4.95.


Cack-handed caffeine lovers rejoice - the Magimix M190 effortlessly turns out restaurant quality coffee at home without any of the head scratching usually associated with fancy machines. The intuitive compact design might look a little lopsided takes up hardly any space, is easy to clean and maintenance free. Making the coffee, whether it’s cappuccino, espresso or anything in between takes seconds.

The Nespresso system is hard to fault - although we wish we could recycle the used foil pods - and thanks to the ingenious milk heating frother you can finally take the guess work out of steaming milk. In fact it’s hard to fault the Magimix as a coffee machine, just be warned, the coffee isn’t cheap to buy or available in the supermarket and if you get addicted like we have you’ll soon be racking up a coffee bill of epic proportions.