(Pocket-lint) - We love webcams here at Pocket-lint - the chance to talk to those abroad via the Internet etc, but the problem with the webcam is that for the most part it has to be connected to your computer via a wire.

In steps the Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera that allows you to send video to any web browser in the world as long as you've got it connected to the Internet via a wireless connection.

Sounds great, but why do you need it? Well what it means, is that for a small amount of money you can set up your own security system in your house that will allow you to monitor your home, office, shed or perhaps the neighbours' open air escapades.

In practice installation is incredibly easy as long as you've got a PC it’s merely a case of putting the disc in your PC and the software does the rest.

Unlike standard “webcams” requiring an attached PC, the Internet Video Camera contains its own IP address, so users can connect to an existing Ethernet or wireless network.

Advanced features of the WVC54GC-UK include automated monitoring that can, if you opt for the additional service, send you an SMS or MMS when the camera picks up motion in the room.

When the camera detects motion, the Intamac platform begins to record the video feed, storing up to 2 minutes of images.

The service is an addition to what you get in the box and although you get a 30-day free trial, you should be aware that it costs a further £5 a month. You are of course paying for peace of mind, but if you feel that you're unlikely to get broken in to, or don't want text messages every time your dog or cat walks past the camera, then you can of course opt to not use this feature.

The camera also comes with another service, which this time gives you the first year free. Called SoloLink it is a static IP address that means that your webcam can have the same address all the time.


What probably happens at the moment is that your ISP has given you a dynamic IP address which changes on a regular basis. While this isn't a problem when you surf the Internet, if you wanted to host a website it would be impossible. Because the camera needs a static address so you can access it remotely, you'll have to pay for the service.

Again it's something to bear in mind when you come to use this camera.


Easy to install, setup and use, the Linksys Compact Wireless-G Internet Video Camera comes with a lot of extra strings attached.

To get the most out of this camera you'll have to be prepared for additional yearly costs. If your find with that, then this is a great wireless camera that will allow you to check the security of your office at the bottom of your garden, or spy on the neighbours with ease.

Writing by Stuart Miles.