We all know the problem - the PC is in the spare room, the office or even the bedroom. The X-Box or PS2 is slap bang under your television in the lounge. No problem there - until of course the consoles go for the online gaming option. Suddenly without warning for you to connect your pride and joy of the gaming world you’ve got to cover your house in wires as you struggle to get connected to the broadband connection.

Linksys - those chaps who like to make network devices - have decided that the only real way to connect your games console with your broadband connection is to create a wireless option to either connect to your wireless network or simply to other machines without the need of a cable.

Using the 802.11b signal strength (you can get a Wireless-G model as well) the box connected easily to our non Linksys wireless network.

The system, which couldn’t be easier if you tried, relies on you plugging in the unit to your games console and then simply running through an awareness program on your PC. A quick wireless search later and the unit was found. The software had the usual Linksys sheen to it and within minutes rather than hours - usually the case with Networked appliances and a PC - we were thrashing the hell out of someone in the Unreal Tournament arena on the X-Box Live servers.

Unfortunately the only downside to the whole thing is that the box isn’t a pretty one. Styled to look like a kids walkie-talkie it is luckily small enough to tuck out of the way and you’ll do well to hide it as fast as you can.

Price when reviewed:

For the person that wants to connect their X-Box or PS2 to the big bad world without the hassle of a tucking yet more wires under the carpet this is a great option. Better still it actually worked first time. Hassle free.