(Pocket-lint) - Netopia is best known for its Timbuktu Pro software remote control range in the UK, but has been branding ADSL modems for some time. The 3341's the basic, single- user entry level product.

USB Connection is properly and clearly detailed with diagrams in the quick start manual and we relaxed our usual cyncism when the modem connected without any issues. This is just for one person though- if you want a four-port hub built in, you'll have to trade up to the 3346. According to Netopia, more PCs can be added later, presumably through the Ethernet port when choosing to connect to the computer with USB if that wasn't your default configuration to begin with.

The modem can be passworded to prevent incoming hacks, although targeted at a single user, they'd probably double up the 3341 with a software solution as well.

All necessary connections are supplied (with our review kit, certainly). However the splitter for sharing the connection, if needed, will cost an extra £6 on top.

There's nothing wrong with the 3341 ADSL and the basic firewall is admirable. The only disadvantage is, many UK users may simply settle for the model supplied when they buy an ADSL subscription, as there will certainly be some kind of one-off charge for it, even when subsidised. That means it's hard to see who would voluntarily pay £100 for a separate single-user model when that stays in the region of dedicated routers to add to consumer broadband modems, unless it was purely a small business connection.


If you're a SOHO Business (who will definitely need basic security), then investigate further but be aware of the higher 3346, which already has the four Ethernet ports that your business may need in the future.

Writing by Andy Lynn.