(Pocket-lint) - Vax has been offering cordless cleaners for some time, but in 2015, they are coming with a twist on the format. 

Welcome, then, the Air Cordless Lift and the Air Cordless Switch. The Air Cordless might sound familiar because we reviewed it in 2014 and found it to be a great vacuum cleaner. 

The "Lift" element comes in as Vax evolves this machine to make it much more convenient: you can now remove the cylinder in a lump, leaving the handle and wheels, to make your cleaning easier.


So it's really an innovative 2-in-1 cleaner: you'll be able to use it as a conventional vacuum cleaner most of the time, but then detach the portable cylinder for cleaning the stairs, car, or other hard to reach places. 

Because it's powered by a LithiumLife battery - giving 50 minutes of suction - you don't have to worry about power. There's even a light on the bottom so you can see what you're doing when cleaning dark corners or under the bed.


We found the Air Cordless Lift to be plenty powerful in some test cleaning, but it is also easy to move around thanks to its light weight. The detachable part is really convenient and it's easy to remove it. It costs £349.99, but it should take care of all your cleaning needs.

The second cleaner, the Air Cordless Switch, follows the same principle, letting you detach the working parts so you have a portable cleaner. The Switch is a lighter and more compact vacuum cleaner, better suited to small apartments.


The Air Cordess Switch doesn't have the all-round appeal of the Lift, but it's cheaper at £179.99. The removable element is more like a conventional handheld cleaner and it's not quite as easy to remove and replace as the bigger brother.

Both the Air Cordless Switch and Air Cordless Lift are available to buy now.

Writing by Chris Hall.